by AdeleGaribay on June 30, 2010

Gym Wizards is dedicated to giving all children the confidence for life-
by accelerating their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development
through our Scientific Six Step Educational Gymnastics System.

Olympic Gymnastics - a split leap

We educate children, parents, school teachers and recreational coaches through a robust educational system as well as providing cutting edge pedagogical methods to make preparing your child for the challenges of life- easier, more effective and fun.

Gymnastics classes for kids has been proven to boost self esteem in children by helping them overcome fear, gain performance skills, develop a healthy self image and gain social confidence.

Besides that, it’s fun, healthy and stimulates cognitive development- specifically for reading and maths!

  • The focus is to give the children basic floor, acrobatic, dance and jumping skills that form the foundation phase of gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, acrobatics, stunt work, ice skating, cheerleading, dancing, sports aerobics, circus acrobatics and stage performance.
  • The Six Step System is designed to radically develop overall strength, flexibility, speed, co-ordination, stamina and posture training as a physical and psychological basis for increased participation and success in all sports. We have dancers, rugby players, hip-hop artists, swimmers, horse riders, soccer and tennis players, martial artists- and more, benefiting immensely from our specialised conditioning training.
  • Gym Wizards unique approach to teaching children these special skills also results in enhanced social and emotional intelligence.

How do we do that?

It’s a combination of the following approaches blended together in a tried and tested formula:

  • Application of timeless pedagogical principles (pedagogy is the science of teaching children according to developmental stage/age). Your child learns step by step, each step building on the last.
  • Child Centred communication with children (acknowledging feelings and setting boundaries)
  • Humanistic method of solving difficult behaviours/emotions (shyness, fear, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, low self image, low muscle tone, obesity)
  • Personal connection and care enhances self confidence through a trust based teacher-child relationship.
  • Regular assessments, awards and display opportunities
  • Open communication with parents
  • Learner paced teaching
  • Facilitation of peer learning and support – Co-operation, effort and kindness is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Programmes for all abilities- everyone can do it!
  • Scientific  lesson planning makes lessons fun, safe and disciplinedGymnastics helps kids at school
  • Large doses of love and nurturing

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