Kenridge Primary Scholars attending our Gym Wizards classes at Kenridge pay the KPS school directly for the termly fees. However, membership fees [payable upon joining and annually] grading fees, and clothing must be paid directly to Gym Wizards. Our classes at KPS end mid November each year. Phone KPS on 021 9763046.

Please note: Children who are not scholars at Kenridge Primary are also welcome to attend the Gym Wizards Classes at Kenridge Primary. These children pay all fees to Gym Wizards. Call 021 532 1832 for queries.

Yes, we require 1 month’s notice for cancellation of fees. That means you must give notice IN WRITING, in the term prior to which you want to stop- at least one month before the term ends. So, for example, if you no longer want to continue in the 3rdterm, you must have told us one month before the end of the 2nd term. This way we won’t bill you for the next term’s fees.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow parents to pay pro-rata as we work on a budget and have expenses. If we allow parents to pay pro-rata it would be impossible to create a budget and pay our coaches and buy and repair equipment etc. If you start with Gym Wizards half way through the term you can pay half fees for that term.

You may pay cash at our Pinelands venue where we have a full time cashier and receptionist.  At all our other venues we request parents to please make payment into our account via EFT or Direct Deposit. Typically at these venues, our coaches do not have administrative support/cashier’s on hand-and it is very hard to keep track of money coming in, write receipts and coach the kids all at the same time.

Every member pays a fee upon joining Gym Wizards and this is payable annually therefater at your joining anniversary.

This membership fee is used to process new members and cancellations as well as to administer class schedule changes and software upgrades each year.

Gym Wizards also uses a portion of the fees to register with the South African Gymnastics Federation, the Western Cape Gymnastics Association, CATHSSETA and REPSSA.

We have a parent viewing room at our Pinelands venue and welcome parents to come and watch our awesome lessons! At our Sunningdale venue, parents may sit upstairs in the gallery- again we welcome them!

However, at our school venues, we prefer parents not to watch during the lessons- as when there is no separate area for them to sit. This means that they right close to the kids as they are being coached.

It is very important that the children concentrate and listen to the coaches instructions to ensure that no one gets hurt. We find that when parents are in the class the children get distracted. Also, the kids tend to take longer to “bond” and trust their coaches. One of our aims is to teach independence and communication skills. If Johnny keeps running to Mommy every time he needs something, it will be more difficult to learn to create this important ability to communicate and bond with a teacher.

We do have a parents watching day for the parents at the end of the Term as well as our Gradings (2 x per year)- that we encourage you to come along and be a part of. Of course, under special circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Please go to our ENROL page here to enrol your child. This is our Parent Portal. Create an account, peruse the classes and enrol your child! Onnce you have completed this you will be emailed your enrollment details as well as your bill for the tuition fee and annual membership fee.

No, if your child is a new and you have joined in the middle of the term you may pay 50% of the fees.

To facilitate smooth administration, fees must be paid in one amount upfront at the beginning of the term, before lessons start. This is because class spaces are limited and filled according to paid up members. After this, we assign instructors according to the number of students who have paid for the classes for the term. We stick to a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 children. We appoint instructors on a term by term basis and are contracted to pay them for the term.

We suggest that you purchase a strap so that her glasses can be strapped around her head which would prevent them from falling off. Many Gymnasts do gymnastics this way. There is a slight risk with wearing the glasses during the class, however, the risk of doing gymnastics (or any sport) if she cannot see is far greater.

Gymnastics is definitely the best sport for her to be doing especially because she is not a sporty child! Gymnastics is not just a sport it is also an important development tool. Gymnastics develops children’s balance and co-ordination as well as strengthens muscle tone which will assist her in any other sport. Gymnastics also helps children in the clas