Gym Wizards Customer Testimonials

Llandudno Primary – Denise Erasmus Gym Wizards has been teaching Gymnastics to our learners since 2001, both as an extra mural activity, as well as during the school Life Orientation curriculum.

The owner and  ‘hands on’ director of Gym Wizards, Tania Williams, an ex Springbok gymnast, who wrote and coordinates the national gym programme throughout schools and has extensive experience in primary school gym work for gross and fine muscle tone etc. presents  the programme. It is fun and child friendly and not merely aimed at the physically talented or very sporty children.

Her success is evidenced in her very very well attended extra mural gym classes and popular gym competitions in Cape Town, as well as  her T.V. shows put on over the years. Gym Wizards has become part of the Excellence in Teaching  focus we offer our learners at Llandudno Primary School and it works really well as our classes are divided into two smaller groups on gym days. While one half of the class attends intensive gymnastics skills, the other half of the class has focused time with their teachers for interactive computer skills. The programme is then repeated for the other half of the class.

The children absolutely love their gymnastics lessons and we have seen an improvement in fine and gross motor control, social skills, concentration and behavior, but most importantly, the Gym Wizards approach of teaching children to love themselves, has helped so many of our learners with self esteem and confidence. This has helped us develop our regular school sport programme- with more children participating and a higher level of physical skill being seen at sports practices.

The classes are geared to accommodate all children – from those who are physically less co-ordinated, to those who show remarkable aptitude. Children are encouraged to move while learning basic gymnastics skills: handstands, rolls, running and jumping skills, upper body work, flexibility, games and co-ordination, cartwheels, and some even learn somersaults and higher tumbling moves. The school has invested in excellent gymnastics equipment which has made the lessons more productive and allows for more advanced teaching.

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The Gym Wizards classes not only provide a wonderful outlet for the energy of our youngsters, but their coaches expertise in this specialised field is apparent immediately, something not even the physical education  educator may be able to present. The children leave their gym classes feeling good about themselves and are able to settle into their lessons eagerly and with more motivation.

We have reaped the benefits of having this activity in our school day many times over and I would encourage all schools to consider this superb option of an outsourced programme. Llandudno Primary continues to thrive on it.

Tania trains and oversees all her hand picked coaches, who show a great flare for working with children and empathy for their needs. I can certainly recommend Gym Wizards to any school wanting to address their learner’s physical developmental needs with a fun approach. Llandudno Primary

A Parent Speaks

Here is an email we recently received from one of our happy parents!

“Dear Gym Wizards

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for the very professional classes you are running.

Benjamin has benefitted hugely from doing Gym Wizards, it has enabled him to develop core muscles which will stand him in such good stead for all sports he may do. He is fortunate that he is a strong chap but I believe that all children should do gymnastics as it forms such an integral part of muscle development.  It helps develop muscles in all types of children, those who are strong and those who are not so strong. My absolute belief is it forms such a good foundation for all children.

Gymnastics also teaches children patience, listening and of course discipline – they need to wait their turn, listen to instruction and be disciplined in following through to avoid injury.

I have found that you run a nice controlled environment, the children seem to respect and listen to all instructions even though they are so little and could therefore easily get a little side tracked.

Gym Wizards has a fantastic group of teachers who are professional and trained in what they do.

Benjamin loves coming to gymnastics and we look forward to another year together.

Thank you for all your efforts, it is appreciated.

Kind regards

Lisa Hansen”

Another Parent Sings our Praises

Here is another email we recently received:

Hi Tania

I’ve never known of a sport where I have experienced nothing but outstanding happiness from my daughter and the staff at Gym Wizards. Every tiny little aspect is truly amazing. Well done.
Roxy goes to bed every Monday night squealing with excitement that it’s Gym Wizards the next day and she’s always practicing every moment of the day. Today’s their end of year party so you can just imagine what I went through last night and this morning!
You guys are great!

Thanks Tania,

and once again well done with the way you run Gym Wizards!

Michelle D’ Oliviera “

Testimony from Another Happy Parent

And another email from one of our happy Parents:

“Gooday Gym Wizards

Please allow us to thank you for this absolutely fantastic gymnastics club, what an amazing family you are and it’s been such a joyride to watch our daughter Cortney go from strength to strength in such a short time.

Since she has joined your club (March 2010) it has boosted her level of confidence, it also reflects in her school report, she has achieved scores of 80%-88% including mathematics which was a sore point in her little life.

At 11 she is also going through physical changes and it comes together with the occasional mood swing which we tend to remedy with “Hey Missy (her nickname) show us that cartwheel with the round off ending” ! It solves any hormonal imbalance and brings back the smile.

Cortney has truly become a well rounded even more lively and confident young lady.

Thank you to each and everyone at Gym Wizards because you really do work as a well oiled team!

GO GYM WIZARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warm Regards
The Van Harte Family



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