Awesome April

Gym Wizards Promotion- Awesome April GYM WIZARDS PROMOTION AWESOME APRIL The Gym Wizards Promotion "Awesome April" is for NEW MEMBERS who can sign up NOW for a Term 2 2018 Gymnastics Membership at our dedicated Gymnasium in Pinelands before 30 April 2018 and get 20% discount! 🤸‍♂️ Trampolines and Airmats for Maximum [...]

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More Than Just Cartwheels

More Than Just Cartwheels Why I love being a gymnastics coach for kids I get asked all the time. “Why do you teach gymnastics?” “How’d you get in to that?” “What’s the best part about your job?” Well, let me set the record straight once and for all - there are just about [...]

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Gymnastics Safety – How We Ensure Safety at Gym Wizards

Gymnastics Safety As with all sports, safety in GYMNASTICS or GYMNASTICS SAFETY is often one of the main concerns for the parents of children just starting out. “Will my child get hurt?” “Is the environment safe?” “Are they doing too much or too little conditioning?” These are common questions/concerns we hear [...]

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Kids Gymnastics Classes- The Gym Wizards Way

Kids Gymnastics Classes - The Gym Wizards Way Gym Wizards offers some fantastic gymnastics lessons for kids all over Cape Town! From pre-school kiddies and all the way through primary and high school, from complete novice to intermediate and advanced, the classes taught by Gym Wizards have EXACTLY what you’re looking for! [...]