Why Repeating a Gymnastics Skill Level Could be Good Progress

Why Repeating a Gymnastics Skill Level Could be Good Progress I have had many parents come to me during the grading terms asking; “ Why does my child not progress to the next gymnastics skill level as [...]

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“Failure” in Sport

"Failure" in Sport Failure is a part of sport and life... Children get a unique opportunity in sport to experience "failure", put it into perspective- and learn from it. Kids often beat themselves up after making mistakes.  As caring coaches it’s our jobs to put their failures into perspective, and [...]

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Are Trampolines Safe At Home?

Are Trampolines Safe For Kids At Home? When pressed for a yes or no answer, Tania says no. She says that she herself, as a mom, doesn’t mind having a trampoline at home because she was the Springbok coach for 10 years and has years of experience under her belt. But because she [...]

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Practicing Gymnastics At Home

Practicing Gymnastics At Home How many parents can relate to this? Does your child do cartwheels everywhere – up and down the aisles in Pick ‘n Pay, round and round the garden, in your lounge? Do they spend their break times at school teaching their friends all their gymnastics moves? Chances [...]

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