Kids Gymnastics Classes – The Gym Wizards Way

Gym Wizards Gymnastics

Gym Wizards offers some fantastic gymnastics lessons for kids all over Cape Town!

From pre-school kiddies and all the way through primary and high school, from complete novice to intermediate and advanced, the classes taught by Gym Wizards have EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

The lessons are taught at various locations and are lead by a stellar team! Our coaches come from over 100 years combined gymnastics teaching experience!

See our coaches full bios here!

We cannot wait to meet you and your little one and show you why Gym Wizards is the extra mural choice for you!

Kids Gymnastics Classes- Why Gym Wizards?

In Cape Town, extra curricular activities for children abound. From rugby to squash, swimming to horseback riding, and everything in between, there is simply SO MUCH for kids to do these days in terms of after-school activities.

So what sets Gym Wizards classes apart? What makes US the best choice for your child?

Well for starters, if your child has not taken a gymnastics lesson, get them to one QUICKLY and you’ll soon see some of the many, varied benefits gymnastics training brings.


Benefits of Kids Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is completely unique as far as physical activities go. It gets your child up and moving around and that helps kids keep up an active, healthy, and forever-fit lifestyle.

But not only are the kids having fun and getting some physical activity in, but without their even realizing it, they are gaining discipline and self-confidence, as well as important social skills, perseverance, and motivation.

Whether your child has low muscle-tone and motor development, or is highly athletic, gymnastics is THE activity to help them stay fit!

And gymnastics uses balance and coordination that helps with ALL other sports and activities they might pursue. It has been proven time and time again that children that supplement their athletic training with gymnastics lessons generally perform better overall – in athletics and in school! (Bet you didn’t know we were working their brains too!) That’s right! Gymnastics offers unparalleled academic benefits as well!

Watch this video to see more about the Gym Wizards Way

Kids Gymnastics Classes- The Gym Wizards Way

At Gym Wizards, the kid’s gymnastics lessons really cannot be beaten!

  • From our small class sizes (which allow us to offer superb individualized attention and coaching),
  • to our flexibility (both literally and figuratively! – we have a class that will work for YOU and your schedule!),
  • to our care and concern for the kids and
  • our vast knowledge and experience,
  • to our fun and colorful equipment and supplies,
  • and to our personal connections with each and every one of our little gymnasts that walks through the door (we take pride in really getting to know each child in our program),

We are confident that you will find just what you are looking for with regards to an activity that your kids will love and enjoy for years to come!

So stop on by! Come see why gymnastics lessons with Gym Wizards are exactly what you have been looking for!

We would LOVE to book you in for a trial lesson!

Please get in touch with our head coaches on 021 532 1832 or email any queries to