Gymnastics Lessons at Kenridge Primary School [KPS], Durbanville


NOTE: Although the KPS will be administering the Gym Wizards lessons at Kenridge…….

  1. EVERYONE will also need to enrol with Gym Wizards. [One time enrollment].
  2. KPS INSIDERS must inform KPS that they are doing Gym Wizards [3 x per year as per menu form]
  3. Termly Tuition fees is payable to KPS  [for insiders] and directly to Gym Wizards [for outsiders]
  4. For both insiders and outsiders, Annual Membership fees, Grading fees and Uniforms are payable directly to Gym Wizards.

All children need to enrol with Gym Wizards. There is an annual membership fee payable to GymWizards.