Payment & Cancellation Policy

Gym Wizards Payment and Cancellation Policy 2019

Gym Wizards CC is a gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline training school. We train children to do gymnastics and we train instructors to teach gymnastics.

Gym Wizards’ Number is CK 1999/001593/23. We are VAT Registered.

Our VAT number is 4870262369.

Cancellation Policy Gymnasts must give notice of termination of membership in writing. This must be done during the course of the gymnastics term- 1 month BEFORE the end of the gymnastics term.

Example: If the gymnastics term ends on 18 March, then you need to have given us notice by 18 Feb.

Please note: Full Tuition Fees will be due for the new term if 1 month’s written notice is not received- as we hold your place and turn away other children.  

Payment Policy  

How do I pay tuition for Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline at Gym Wizards CC? **

All registrations are first come first serve. The online registration process is not a guaranteed spot in class until we’ve received payment and you have received confirmation from one of our coaches or office staff.

I agree to pay annual membership fee and *full tuition immediately upon registration and before the start of each new school term, each term for the following term.

I understand that if tuition is not paid within 30 days of the start of the new term/signing up the first time, my child will be made inactive, will be un-enrolled, and children on the waiting list will be called.

I understand that it is my responsibility to pay my account balance.

I understand that my child is continuously enrolled in class and will incur termly tuition charges on my account until I inform the business office. I understand that an annual membership fee is added to my tuition upon joining and each anniversary thereafter. This will be subject to an annual increase.

In addition: Returned checks carry a fee of R100.00.

*Kenridge Primary Students who fill in the school’s menu form will pay Kenridge School for Tuition fees only as per the Menu Form System. All other fees are payable to Gym Wizards [annual membership fee and competition fees]

Payment Options for Gymnastics Tuition, Competitions and Other Fees

  1. You must pay all fees and purchases using either *EFT or Direct Deposit.
  2. We do not accept cash, so if you must pay with cash you will need to go to the bank and make a deposit into Gym Wizards Bank Account. Cash deposits will be charged a cash deposit fee.

Here are our bank details:

GYM Wizards Bank:

Account Name: Gym Wizards

Standard Bank 07170 2474

Fish Hoek Branch (039 009)

Ref: Child’s name and surname

Send proof to:

Queries? Call 021 532 1832 [Mon-Fri 8am-5pm] Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. The entire tuition fee for the term is due at the time of registration. Classes are available, space permitting. We will not hold a space without full payment. For KPS Students, you MUST be on the Gymnastics List the school provides us, to participate.
  2. Gym Wizards guarantees 8 weeks of lessons per term. This allows the schools/churches/venues the flexibility within the term to use the Hall for other functions/events. Fees thus cover 8 weeks of lessons per term.
  3. You need to give us written notice if you decide to discontinue with lessons. Failure to do this will result in your being held liable for the following term’s gym fees, as we hold your place.

Just send an email to the office no later than 1 month before the end of the term- prior to discontinuing. Make sure you do this 1 month before school breaks up for holidays.

  1. If you are outstanding after 90 days, you will be handed over to debt collectors, who will add their charges [for which you will be liable].
  2. Tuition will be pro-rated for gymnasts joining, for example in the middle of a term. Parents are however encouraged to register gymnasts at the beginning of a term.
  3. There is a NO REFUND POLICY. This means that tuition must be paid except in the event of illness or injury. [Doctor’s certificate required]
  4. Parents are responsible to pay any additional fees e.g. Gym Wizards annual membership fees, squad levy, competition entry fees, clothing/uniforms etc.

Ticking the “I AGREE” radio button on the Enrol page represents my signature.


And by ticking this radio button I agree and understand the information in the “Agreement” above



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