Are Trampolines Safe For Kids At Home?

When pressed for a yes or no answer, Tania says no. She says that she herself, as a mom, doesn’t mind having a trampoline at home because she was the Springbok coach for 10 years and has years of experience under her belt.

But because she knows that the general population have not been a Springbok coach for 10 years, they might not have the same knowledge and experience as she does when it comes to safety and technique on a trampoline.

The Safe Answer Is NO.

If, however, your child is desperately pleading and bargaining with you to get them a trampoline at home and you give in, please follow these basic safety guidelines:

tramp_safety-300x219Use safety nets and/or pads. Install a trampoline enclosure — this is a special net designed to surround the entire trampoline. Cover the trampoline’s springs and frame with shock-absorbing pads. Make sure you regularly check all the equipment for tears or other areas that might need repairing.

sunken_trampoline-300x199Make sure the trampoline is on level ground. Be sure to place it a safe distance from trees or any other structures. The safest option is to sink the trampoline in a pit so the jumping surface is at ground level.

DSC_1577-2-1024x682ONE AT A TIME. Only one person should be allowed to use the trampoline at a time — and never without supervision. Don’t allow somersaults or other potentially risky movements on the trampoline (even if your child has been trained to do them at gym! And especially if they haven’t)

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Here are some of the benefits of jumping on a trampoline:

• Jumping on a trampoline increases your heart rate and gives your heart a great workout. Your heart is a very important muscle and needs cardiovascular exercise to keep strong and healthy.
• Jumping on a trampoline is a great workout for the rest of your body too! Hours spent on a trampoline mean hours being active, rather than sitting inside on the computer or in front of the TV.

• Finding your balance on a trampoline is unlike finding your balance on a stable surface. Because the trampoline floor is always moving, the jumper has to be constantly aware of their centre of gravity. This, of course, helps tremendously with the development of balance and coordination. 

Development of motor skills – While jumping, your brain is forced to function bilaterally. This means that both sides of your brain and body must work together to maintain coordination and balance.

Check out this video of kids having fun learning dive rolls on the trampoline in a gymnastics lesson: